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Vishuddha Macrame Pendant with Kyanite Stone


This exquisite design is one of our Vishuddha Macrame Pendants.

Embracing a dazzling Kyanite gemstone this unique necklace has a bright palette of complimentary coloured threads, stunning with its bright and rich blue tones with black detailing.

The pendant is supported by an adjustable woven necklace with detailed black macrame ties.

This beautiful, truly one-of-a-kind, artisanal necklace makes a statement of pure individuality and could be worn everyday to add some creative spice to your boho outfit, or paired with more formal attire to shine at formal occasions too.

This unique, handcrafted treasure was made just for you. Make the Vishuddha Macrame Pendant with Kyanite Stone yours!

Piece approximately 70mm H x 75mm W

* Please note that although we endeavour to reproduce the colours of our products as accurately as possible sometimes there can be small differences between how a product displays on screen and how it looks under natural light. As such, there may be some small variation with products received

70h x 70w