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Venus Maxi Dress in Black


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Step into allure and grace with our Venus Maxi Dress. Inspired by the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, this long dress echoes Venus' charm with a form-hugging fit and an intricate low-cut back design, accentuated by delicate weaves that embrace feminine elegance.

• Long, seductive slits from above the knee ensure freedom of movement, enhancing your allure with every step. The dress flows gracefully, capturing attention with its captivating movement.
• Crafted from a blend of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, this dress gracefully complements your curves while providing comfort and flexibility. The fabric drapes luxuriously, accentuating your figure.
• For convenient maintenance, a 40C machine wash is recommended, ensuring that your Venus Maxi Dress remains as enchanting as ever.

Whether it's a casual summer outing or a formal evening affair, the Venus Maxi Dress in Black elevates your style, ensuring you radiate confidence and elegance. Embrace the essence of Venus and make a statement in sophistication. Don't miss the chance to make Venus a staple in your wardrobe!