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Teak Wood Tree Of Life Fake Plug

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Unveil the captivating allure of our Teak Wood Tree of Life Fake Plug, an exquisite fusion of artistry and symbolism that resonates with the essence of life's interconnectedness.

• Crafted from premium teak wood, this fake plug showcases the intricate grain and warm hues of natural timber, embracing the rustic elegance of the Tree of Life design.
• The surgical steel post, with a thickness of 1mm/18ga, ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to embrace your unique style with confidence.
• Our fake plug is meticulously crafted to be nickel, lead, and cadmium free, making it a safe and stylish choice for even the most sensitive skin.
• With a length of 20mm and a width of 10mm, this fake plug strikes the perfect balance between presence and subtlety, allowing the Tree of Life's intricate detailing to gracefully adorn your ear.

Experience the artistry of nature and the profound symbolism of the Tree of Life with our Teak Wood Fake Plug. Elevate your self-expression and spiritual connection – order now and infuse your style with natural beauty and meaning!