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Square-Edged Wooden Hair Stick

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Introducing our Square-Edged Wooden Hair Stick, the perfect blend of style and functionality for your hair accessories collection.

• Crafted from rosewood, these hair sticks offer an earthy and natural aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to your hairstyle.
• The square-edged design adds a modern and trendy twist to the classic hair stick, ensuring your look stands out.
• Carved with intricate braided details, these hair sticks exude craftsmanship and attention to detail.
• With a range of different designs available, you can choose the one that perfectly complements your personal style and adds character to your bun effortlessly.
• Whether you're heading to work, a special occasion, or simply want to elevate your everyday look, these accents will ensure your hair is always on point.

Experience the beauty and versatility of our Square-Edged Wooden Hair Stick. Don't miss out on this fashionable and functional accessory, order yours now and embrace a stylish new way to adorn your hair!