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Spirit Weaver Skirt in Black

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Color - Black
Unleash your inner self with our enchanting Spirit Weaver Skirt in Black. This captivating and creative skirt is a unique design of multi-layered, multi-textured elements with whimsical triangular lace adornments hanging past the hemline. Almost a hi-lo skirt, the two sides of our Spirit Weaver come down to points behind the thighs, with a third layered triangular drape forming almost a bird's tail shape at the back. Weave some magic in this unique skirt. Seeing is believing!

• The skirt features tactile textures that evoke a sense of grounding 
• The drapery of the multi-length material adds an alluring and flowing effect, creating a whimsical and ethereal look
• Made from 100% cotton, this skirt offers exceptional comfort and breathability
• Whether you're attending a festival or embracing bohemian fashion, this skirt is the ultimate choice

Embrace the magic and mystery of the Spirit Weaver Skirt in Black and embark on a journey of self-expression and empowerment. Order yours today!

Customer Reviews

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i like the hippie vibes of this skirt, just be careful with the long tissues!