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Siren Leather Holster Pocket Belt in Black

Elevate your travel and adventure game with our Siren Leather Holster Pocket Belt in classic black, adorned with large double brass O-rings and exquisite brass studded accents.

• Designed for travelers, explorers, and festival enthusiasts, this belt is the perfect solution for carrying your essentials hands-free. It combines the convenience of a belt with the storage capacity of a small bag.
• Featuring not one, but two large zip drop pockets, this belt offers ample room for your valuables, snacks, or any other essentials. Keep your belongings secure while you roam.
• The Siren Holster Belt comes with a small front pocket for quick and easy access to smaller items like keys, lip balm, or cash.
• Inside the large pockets, you'll find smaller zip pockets for added security. Keep your most valuable items tucked away for peace of mind while you're on the move.
• Whether you prefer to wear it on your hips or waist, the adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for everyone. Customize it to your liking and enjoy a snug and secure feel.

Unleash your inner wanderer with the Siren Leather Holster Pocket Belt. Order yours today and experience the freedom of hands-free convenience!

S/M: Shortest buckle hole at 750mm, largest at 880mm
M/L: Shortest buckle hole at 830mm and largest at 960mm