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Silver, Copper & Brass Bands Ring

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Introducing our stunning Silver, Copper, and Brass Bands Ring, a unique and captivating piece of jewellery that effortlessly combines three beautiful tones.

• The ring features three separate bands linked together, showcasing the exquisite combination of silver, copper, and brass. The contrasting tones create a striking and eye-catching visual effect, ideal for any occasion.
• Made from 925 Sterling Silver, Copper, and Brass, this ring ensures durability and long-lasting shine.
• Available in US/CAN sizes 5 to 10, providing a comfortable fit for a variety of finger sizes.
• Each band has a width of 2.3mm, allowing for a delicate and sleek appearance.

Make a bold statement with our Silver, Copper, and Brass Bands Ring. Add it to your jewellery collection today!

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