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Rose Wood Flower Of Life Fake Plug

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Introducing our Rose Wood Flower of Life Fake Plug, a fusion of style and spirituality that enhances your look with natural charm and deep symbolism.

• Crafted from the finest rose wood, this fake plug showcases the innate beauty of organic materials, adding a unique and natural element to your personal style.
• The plug features an intricately engraved Flower of Life design, a symbol of interconnectedness and spiritual harmony. It not only elevates your look but also carries a profound message.
• Designed with a core made from surgical steel in a 1mm/18ga size, this fake plug offers both durability and a comfortable fit, ensuring it withstands the test of time and feels great to wear.
• Free from nickel, lead, and cadmium, this fake plug is safe for sensitive skin. You can enjoy its beauty without any worries about skin irritation or allergies.
• With a length of 20mm and a width of 10mm, this fake plug strikes the ideal balance between style and comfort. It's noticeable enough to make a statement while remaining comfortable for extended wear.

Elevate your style and embrace the spiritual energy with our Rose Wood Flower of Life Fake Plug. Whether you're looking to infuse your accessories with natural beauty or carry a meaningful symbol with you, this fake plug is the perfect choice. Order now to add a touch of spirituality and style to your collection.