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Press On Brass Septum III

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Elevate your boho or hippie ensemble with our captivating Press On Brass Septum III – a non-piercing solution that embodies both style and accessibility.

• Effortless adornment, no piercing required. Designed to press on with ease, these septum jewels provide a chic and hassle-free way for anyone to enhance their look, regardless of piercing preference.
• Crafted from nickel-free brass, these septum jewels prioritize your comfort and safety, ensuring a delightful wearing experience that lasts.
• Intricate elegance on display. Each design boasts intricate details that amplify your individuality, infusing your style with a touch of distinctive allure that's bound to turn heads.
• With a length of 13mm, these septum jewels offer a versatile fit that caters to various individuals, promising a seamless blend with your unique aesthetic.

Don't miss the chance to complete your boho or hippie outfit with a dash of sophistication. Shop now and adorn yourself with the stunning beauty of our Press On Brass Septum III. Embrace your style with confidence – order yours today!