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Narra Wood Droplet Earrings

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Elevate your jewellery collection with our enchanting Narra Wood Droplet Earrings, a fusion of natural allure and bohemian elegance.

• Crafted from premium Narra Wood, these earrings boast captivating earthy tones, celebrating the beauty of nature. Each piece showcases unique wood grains, making every pair one-of-a-kind.
• Experience effortless comfort all day and night. These lightweight earrings are hypoallergenic, ensuring irritation-free wear, ideal for sensitive skin.
• Due to the inherent variations in wood, each pair carries its distinct qualities and patterns, adding a touch of uniqueness to your style.
• Sold in pairs, these earrings are the perfect complement to your boho-inspired attire. They also make an excellent thoughtful gift, embodying natural beauty.
• Delicately designed with a height of 50mm and a width of 30mm, these droplet-shaped earrings offer a perfect balance of elegance and subtlety.

Adorn yourself with the organic beauty of our Narra Wood Droplet Earrings—a mesmerizing addition to your jewellery collection. Elevate your style with nature-inspired sophistication. Order yours today!