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Metatron's Cube Brass Earrings

Discover the Beauty of Metatron's Cube with Our Brass Earrings. Inspired by Metatron's Cube, these earrings radiate a sense of balance, harmony, and divine energy. This symbol carries profound spiritual significance and is believed to represent the blueprint of creation.

• Intricate Craftsmanship: These earrings are born from the skilled hands of artisans in India, showcasing the intricate beauty of sacred geometry. Each pair is a unique masterpiece, reflecting precision and artistry.
• Comfortable Wear: Fitted with a standard ear hook attachment, these earrings provide both comfort and security.
• Captivating Length: With a drop length of 32mm, these earrings are designed to make a statement.
• Safe for Sensitive Skin: Crafted from nickel-free brass, these earrings are suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Embrace the beauty of sacred geometry and let Metatron's Cube guide you on a journey of balance and harmony. Order your Metatron's Cube Brass Earrings now and make a statement that resonates with depth and beauty!