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Long Silver Sacred Geometry Ring


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Elevate your style and embrace the allure of sacred geometry with our Long Silver Sacred Geometry Ring. This captivating piece is a testament to both elegance and spiritual symbolism.

• Exquisitely crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, this ring embodies elegance and enduring charm, adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.
• Available in a size range of US/CAN 5 - 10, ensuring a perfect fit for your finger, allowing you to wear this symbolic piece comfortably.
• The band width of 2.8mm accentuates the ring's exquisite craftsmanship, highlighting the unique geometric pattern that captivates attention.
• Featuring a pointed length of 35mm, this ring beautifully represents the intricacies of sacred geometry, making it a symbol of spirituality and artistic expression.

Whether as an expression of spirituality or a statement of boho fashion, the Long Silver Sacred Geometry Ring is a true masterpiece, seamlessly blending elegance and mystique!