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Jade Plug

Introducing our Jade Plugs, crafted from exquisite African Green Jade, a stunning natural stone known for its vibrant green color and positive energy. These plugs are designed in a unique tear drop shape with flared ends, adding a touch of elegance to your stretched earlobes.

• Each plug is carefully carved from authentic African Green Jade, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece with its unique color variations and natural patterns. Experience the beauty and positive energy of this precious stone.
• We are proud to offer environmentally-friendly products, and our Jade Plugs are no exception. Made from natural stone, these plugs are a sustainable choice for your stretched earlobes.
• Our Jade Plugs are available in two sizes—small and large—providing you with options to suit your individual preference and stretching needs.
• Our Jade Plugs come in a size range of 4mm to 20mm, allowing you to select the size that suits your personal style and stretching journey.

Upgrade your stretched earlobe collection with the natural beauty and positive energy of our Jade Plugs. Choose your size, embrace your individuality, and elevate your style with these stunning plugs!