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Lenco L-30WD Turntable with USB/PC Encoding - Wood

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The Lenco L-30 is a turntable that makes your favourite records sound fantastic. Its trendy design and modern technology make this turntable perfect for all music enthusiasts. The Lenco L-30 is available in 2 variants: black and wood.

Do you want to play your favourite sounds from the past to your children? The Lenco L-30 produces a superb high-quality sound and your children will be amazed. The turntable is so easy to use, you can even let them play a record by themselves. The Lenco L-30 is equipped with a moving magnet cartridge (MMC), auto stop, belt drive and a built-in pre-amp. You can play records at two speeds: 33 RPM and 45 RPM. A removable plastic cover protects the turntable from dust.

As the years go by your records become old and fragile. To prevent your favourite music from being lost forever, you can digitise your cherished vinyl collection using the Lenco L-30. Connect the turntable to your computer via the USB port and easily convert your vinyl into a digital sound file.

Wherever you go, you will always have your favourite music with you.