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Cerise Mexican Flowers Drop Medium Hook Earrings


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Step into a world of unique elegance with our Cerise Mexican Flowers Drop Medium Hook Earrings—a testament to artisanal craftsmanship and the vibrant beauty of nature and handmade jewellery.

• Handcrafted by the skilled Gomez family artisans of San Marco in Mexico, these earrings are meticulously created using individually selected dried flowers. Each piece is a unique showcase of artistry and patience, a tribute to the family's dedication to their craft.
• Adorned with striking cerise-colored dried flowers, these medium-sized teardrop-shaped earrings are encased in resin and framed with sterling silver, making them a captivating statement accessory.
• The earrings boast a teardrop shape, with dimensions approximately 4.2 cm x 1.9 cm, ensuring a delicate and elegant appearance. The drop length of approximately 5.9 cm adds a graceful sway to your movements, catching attention effortlessly.

These Cerise Mexican Flowers Drop Medium Hook Earrings encapsulate the allure of nature's beauty in a stunning display of artistry. Crafted with care and passion, each pair of earrings embodies a unique story and reflects the pride and love invested by the artisans. Make a statement with every sway and embrace the distinctive allure of these exquisite accessories!