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Brass & Silver Om Ear Cuff

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Unlock the power of positive vibrations with our symbolic and versatile Brass and Silver Om Ear Cuff, a stunning addition to your spiritual jewellery collection.

• The Om symbol, known for its powerful and positive vibrations, adds a deeper layer of meaning to your spiritual look. Wear it as a reminder of harmony, balance, and inner peace.
• Choose between two exquisite options: sterling silver or nickel-free brass. Select the one that resonates with your personal connection to the Om symbol and complements your style.
• Effortlessly slide the cuff onto your ear for a comfortable and secure fit. No need for piercings or complicated clasps – it's designed for your convenience.
• With a height and width of 15mm, this ear cuff strikes the perfect balance between making a statement and being comfortably wearable.

Our Brass and Silver Om Ear Cuff isn't just jewellery; it's a conduit for spiritual energy and a reflection of your inner journey. Whether you're seeking inner peace, balance, or simply expressing your beliefs, this cuff is the perfect choice. Order yours today!