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Baja Hoodie Veracruz

Introducing our authentic Baja Hoodie Veracruz, a vibrant and comfortable hoodie inspired by the Mexican surf culture.

• These hoodies are proudly Made in Mexico, showcasing the rich traditions and skilled craftsmanship of local artisans.
• Available from size S to XXXL, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone (Please note that the XXXL size is priced at $75 due to the higher fabric cost)
• Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafted from recycled fibers, these hoodies are not only stylish but also environmentally conscious.
• Made from a high-quality blend of 50% Acrylic and 50% Polyester, ensuring durability, warmth, and comfort.
• Designed for both men and women, these hoodies offer a versatile and popular surf style that transcends gender.

Experience the laid-back vibes of the surf culture and embrace the colorful essence of Mexico with our Baja Hoodie Veracruz. Buy yours!