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Baja Hoodie Snow

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Discover the Baja Hoodies Snow, handcrafted in Mexico for those who value both style and sustainability.

• Crafted from recycled fibres, these hoodies embody our commitment to eco-friendly fashion.
• Made from a blend of 50% acrylic and 50% polyester, providing a cosy and durable garment.
• Featuring a white design, ideal for your casual look.
• Unisex design, capturing the essence of popular surf style for both men and women.
• Available in a wide range of sizes, from S to XXXL (note that the XXXL size is priced at $75 due to the use of premium fabrics)

Embrace the charm and versatility of our Baja Hoodies Snow, perfect for casual outings, outdoor adventures, or cosy evenings by the bonfire. Buy yours now!