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Athena Cross-Weave Singlet Top in Rust

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Unleash your inner goddess with our Athena Singlet Top! Inspired by Athena, the goddess of wisdom, freedom, and feminine power, this top invites you to embody your inner strength and flair. Athena, known as a protectress and warrior, empowers you to express your unique power confidently.

• The standout feature of this top is its mesmerizing crosshatch weave design on the back, adding an exquisite touch of elegance and uniqueness to your style.
• The front of this singlet is beautifully simple and elegant, providing a balanced look that's perfect for various occasions.
• With three straps extending from each shoulder, this singlet boasts an eye-catching and stylish detail that adds to its unique charm.
• Crafted from 100% Rayon, this top offers a luxurious feel against your skin, ensuring comfort even during warm days and nights.
• 40 Degrees Machine Wash, Cold Wash Recommended

Embrace your inner strength and freedom with the Athena Singlet Top, and let the goddess Athena guide your style. Order yours today and embody the essence of wisdom and feminine power!

          Customer Reviews

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          Cora R
          exactly what I was looking for

          I love the fabric and it keeps it colour and shape after quite a lot of washes