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Akira Umeda - Akira Umeda (1988-2018)


Format: 2xLP

Media Condition:  Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)
Country:    Europe  
Genre:       Electronic, Non-Music, Pop
Style:         Experimental, Ambient

Factory sealed brand spanking new



Times listed only for each side. A1, A8 and D10 from [r12493587. A2 from [r17369026. A3, A10, C9, D7 and D9 from [r17437018. A4 and C5 from [r17468422. A5, B7, C6 and D8 from [m1981204. A6 from [r17469202. A7, B5 and C8 from [r17421967. A9, B3, B9 and D5 from [r17436898. A11 and B8 from [r17452738. A12, D1 and D11 from [r17468833. B2, C7 and D6 from [m1981192. B4 from [r17467456. B6 from [r17406742 as Mime 05. C1, C3 and C10 from [m470478. C2 and C4 from [r17452786. D2 through D4 from [r17468530. B1 previously unreleased.


A1. Ciência
A2. Iix 03
A3. Qliq 07
A4. Untitled 01
A5. #4
A6. Butô 05
A7. Nandemo 12
A8. Sem Título I
A9. Spam 08
A10. Qliq 02
A11. Lctrnc 08
A12. Sem Título
B1. Excerto da trilha sonora do vídeo “The Kids”
B2. SJC 01
B3. Spam 05
B4. Croquis 2 06
B5. Nandemo 05
B6. Mimevoc 05
B7. #3
B8. Lctrnc 06
B9. Spam 12
C1. Mbiẽta 02
C2. Ar 02
C3. Mbiẽta 01
C4. Ar 05
C5. Untitled 02
C6. #1
C7. SJC 06
C8. Nandemo 08
C9. Qliq 08
C10. Mbiẽta 05
D1. Sem Título
D2. cerâmica 03
D3. cerâmica 06
D4. cerâmica 08
D5. Spam 10
D6. SJC 04
D7. Qliq 05
D8. #6
D9. Qliq 09
D10. Sim
D11. Sem Título


Distributed By Honest Jon's Records
Mastered At Dubplates & Mastering

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