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Garden Mexican Flowers Drop Bracelet

Welcome to our enchanting Garden Mexican Flowers Drop Bracelet, a true work of art crafted by San Marco. These artisanal bracelets are a testament to the natural beauty and craftsmanship of Mexico, with a touch of sterling silver elegance.

• San Marco Mexican Flowers are a labor of love by the Gomez family in Mexico. They cultivate, harvest, and carefully dry the flowers before placing them in silver casings filled with resin. Every bracelet is a testament to the pride, patience, and dedication of these skilled artisans.
• Each of these exquisite bracelets is a result of San Marco's meticulous craftsmanship. They handpick individually selected dried flowers, preserving their vibrant colors and delicate beauty in resin.
• The bracelet boasts seven teardrop-shaped sections, each encapsulating a variety of garden flowers. These miniature gardens set in resin are framed with sterling silver, creating a stunning and unique piece of jewellery.
• The bracelet measures approximately 21 cm in length, with each component having a diameter of around 1.2 cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for a wide range of wrist sizes.

Embrace the unique charm of Mexico's artisanal heritage and the love poured into every piece by the Gomez family. It's not just jewellery; it's a piece of art that you can wear. Own your piece of floral elegance today!