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Blue Mexican Flowers Medium Round Pendant


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Introducing our exquisite Blue Mexican Flowers Medium Round Pendant, a true work of art crafted with love and dedication.

• Each pendant is meticulously crafted by the Gomez family, artisans from Mexico, who grow, harvest, and dry the flowers before arranging them in silver casings filled with resin. The result is a stunning piece that captures the natural beauty of dried flowers.
• Quality Craftsmanship: The pride, patience, and love invested in every San Marco pendant shine through in the exceptional craftsmanship. The attention to detail and dedication to their craft are evident in the stunning final product.
• Medium Round Pendant: With a diameter of approximately 3 cm, this pendant is the perfect size to make a statement while still being versatile enough to complement a variety of outfits.

Discover the beauty of Mexican artisanal jewellery with our Blue Mexican Flowers Medium Round Pendant. Own a unique work of art and celebrate the natural beauty of dried flowers!