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Frida Kahlo in Scarf Mexican Flowers Medium Pendant

Welcome to the world of exquisite artistry with our beautiful Frida Kahlo in Scarf Mexican Flowers Medium Pendant. Crafted by San Marco artisans, these unique pendants are a celebration of creativity and intricate craftsmanship.

• The pendant showcases Frida Kahlo adorned in an orange scarf, framed by an array of vibrant flowers, capturing her iconic essence in a vivid and colorful portrayal.
• Each pendant is a testament to the artisanal expertise of the Gomez family, who meticulously grow, harvest, and dry individually selected flowers. The pendant features a portrait of Frida Kahlo adorned with a scarf embellished with flowers, encased in resin within a sterling silver frame.
• San Marco pendants are handmade in Mexico, and every piece is a unique creation, showcasing the pride, patience, and love infused by the artisans into their craft. The dried flowers arranged within the silver casings create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
• The pendant's approximate dimensions are 3.2 cm x 2.5 cm, set against a 925 silver backing, ensuring both quality and elegance in every detail.

Embrace the artistry and charm of Frida Kahlo's portrait encapsulated within a delicate arrangement of dried flowers. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of artisanal elegance, order the Frida Kahlo in Scarf Mexican Flowers Medium Pendant today and carry a symbol of artistic brilliance wherever you go!