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Brass Yin & Yang Pendant


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Enter a world of equilibrium and serenity as you explore our exquisite Brass Yin & Yang Pendant. This jewellery piece is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of unity and wholeness, perfectly encapsulating the harmony between contrasting energies.

• Representing the Yin and Yang, this pendant is a symbol of the delicate balance between opposing forces in life. It serves as a constant reminder of the harmony that can be found in duality.
• Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, this pendant showcases a unique and intricate design that is bound to captivate all who lay eyes on it.
• The pendant is made from high-quality brass, ensuring not only its durability but also a luxurious golden shine that adds a touch of elegance to your style.
• With a diameter of 40mm, this pendant makes a bold statement while remaining versatile and wearable. It's the perfect size to express your unique style.
• Whether you're a free spirit, a lover of boho fashion, or you resonate with the hippie aesthetic, this pendant complements various styles and adds a touch of spiritual elegance to your outfit.

Let this symbol of balance accompany you on your journey, inspiring tranquility and elegance in your everyday life. Order yours now!